TORNUM acquires Lidköpings Plåtteknik

20 Apr 2015

TORNUM acquires Lidköpings Plåtteknik and strengthen its investment towards the grain and milling industry.

Lidköpings Plåtteknik (LPT) mainly deals with refurbishments, repairs and maintenance to the grain and milling industry.

The founder Mr. Inge Johansson assign 100% of Lidköpings Plåtteknik to TORNUM AB as it will create opportunities for further expansion, mainly in Sweden. Inge Johansson will continue to manage the company but with increased resources and an owner who has expressed the ambition to be a market leader in the market segment.

- LPT and TORNUM is a perfect combination as both companies have their own strengths and together we will have an amazing trip that I want to be part of, says Inge Johansson, founder of LPT. - Inge Johansson formed LPT 1988 and has very successfully developed the company from self-employed to a company that currently has a turnover of 15-20 million SEK with a dozen employees. Inge is known as a highly qualified professional and leader, says Mr. Per Larsson CEO of the TORNUM group.

- With some extra resources from TORNUM, we are convinced that Inge will develop the company further to the benefit of both existing and new customers, continues Larsson.