TORNUM delivers Grain Coolers

3 Feb 2016

TORNUM is delivering two Grain Coolers, model TGC120, to Lamsan Inc.

Lamsan is a corn wet milling company in the Philippines that produces corn-starch, corn gluten feed, corn gluten meal and corn germ. The Grain Coolers will be connected to steel silos that are under construction. The total holding capacity is 65,000 tonnes.

“We would like our grains to remain in acceptable milling condition even with prolonged storage,” said Christopher Lu, vice-president of operations. “We would also be reducing the need for chemicals to protect the grain against insects.”

“A TORNUM Grain Cooler controls both temperature and relative humidity of the cooled air regardless of ambient conditions,” said Anders Malm, export manager at TORNUM AB.

TORNUM grain coolers are fully computerized and ready for immediate use once connected to the main power supply. The refrigerant system used in the Grain Coolers is an indirect cooling system using 80% less refrigerant compared to traditional systems.