TORNUM build grain elevator in Ukraine

25 Feb 2016

TORNUM Ukraine, a fully owned subsidiary of Tornum AB in Sweden, signed a contract with Rentcom LLC in Lviv, Ukraine for grain elevators with total capacity of 90,000 tons. The contract includes project work, equipment and installation.

Rentkom LLC is a relatively young, but successful, market player in the agricultural sector. The company is processing soybeans into soybean oil and soybean meal for animal feed purposes.

- “This set of elevators will be one of a kind in Western Ukraine, being the biggest and most modern” sais Alexander Kuvila, Rentkom LLC. - “Tornum has a good reputation on the market and technology and custom-designed solution to a competitive price. The operating costs will be low and give us a reliable quality in production,” continue Alexander Kuvila.

- “Tornum Ukraine is grateful for the confidence and are pleased Rentcom has selected us as the main supplier” say’s General Manager Vyacheslav Kovalenko.