Felleskjöpet in Norway has expanded its facility in Drammen. The old receiving building has been rebuilt with two TGS intake pits, 7.5 meters long and 41 m3 each. On top of the house a silo package of 122m3 and a dryer are placed.

The dryer is a HR6-22-3 with heat recovery and dust control. To further reduce the dust impact on the environment the customer selected TORNUMs CDS, Centriclon Dust Separators, instead of standard fans. There are also silencers on the dryer to reduce noise. The heat source is a line burner, 3250kW, for LPG that can be converted for future natural gas. Transport equipment is Skandia H-Line,120 tons per hour.

The intake pits are equipped with four pit filters, five meters each, which collects dust when unloading grain.

  • Country: Norway
  • Categories: Industrial
  • Type: Grain terminal
  • Status: Finished
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