LLC Rentkom

Rentcom LLC is a relatively young, but successful, market player in the agricultural sector. The head office is placed in Lviv. The company is processing soybeans into soybean oil and soybean meal for animal feed purposes.The total capacity is 90,000 tons and the project includes development and project work, equipment supply and installation.

The first stage of the new grain plant includes:

  • Two receiving pits for trucks -100 ton each, equipped with truck tippers, lift force 80 t.
  • New series dryer TKDC 6 with dust control, equipped with Intelligent dryer control system IDC, the heat source is natural gas.
  • Industrial cleaning machine LAAB TAS 15 with horizontal vibrating sieves and air aspiration and central dedusting system.
  • Buffer silos for wet grain, 3 pcs. 200 ton each with own aeration system and temperature monitoring system.
  • Storage capacity 30 000 ton incl. 6 pcs silos for dry grain equipped with temperature monitoring system and connection to PC.
  • Skandia H-line, I-line conveying equipment 100 t/h.
  • Bulk loading bins UT for truck loading with grain, 2nd grade grain, coarse particles and dust.
  • Fully computerized control system for plant based on PLC with friendly-operate interface via PC, service information option for correct operation.
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Categories: Industrial
  • Type: Drying and storage plant
  • Capacity: Total capacity is 90,000 ton
  • Status: Finished
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